Monday, September 17, 2007

All Our Thanks To Gilbert Magazine

We at The ChesterBelloc Mandate are very humbled to receive the following special mention from Gilbert Magazine. Of course, the very reason we are in existence is due to the majestic characters who have shaped Gilbert and the American Chesterton Society. It is they who deserve the support from not only our readers, but from the masses reading the works of Chesterton.

As always, this site exists as an archive, preserving what we can online, continuing the discussion and pursuing recognition of Distributism, the system of common sense, the avenue yet untried. Those great authors, from G.K. Chesterton to W.R. Titterton, Hilaire Belloc to the popes who inspired them, have a home here. It is our hope they outline sanity for our readers and that they, in turn, carry Fr. McNabb's words in their hearts: Servire Deo Regnare Est (God's Service is Kingship)

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