Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Distributist Conference?

Editor's Note: The past few months have been quite busy for two reasons. The first is due to a book in the works. This book will be Chesterton and the Distributists as has not been seen since the early days of Distributism. The title of this work will be Found Wandering. More information on this will be posted as details are confirmed.

The second is as follows. We at the ChesterBelloc Mandate have considered and gathered information to form a possible Distributist conference by the end of 2008. This conference, and we might add it is not definite, will be successful by the attendance of our readers and those interested in Distributism.

While certain names have already been spoken to as possible guest speakers, many of whom our readers are familiar with, none have been confirmed as of yet. Talks would include topics about the origins of Distributism, economic history, the Distributist economic model, and what we can do to further Distributism in contemporary society. This would start as a one day conference and hopefully blossom in the years to come as a two-day. Lunch would be offered as an option to attendees as well as conference rates at the hotel for anyone wishing to stay overnight.

You can help.

As we need to get a pulse for the growing interest in Distributism and whether or not a conference like this is desired, we ask our readers to vote in our poll located at the sidebar. We ask that only those considering attendance vote. It is understandable that we have many readers overseas, however we ask that those voting are seriously considering attending a conference of this nature, here in the States.

The conference would most likely take place in New Jersey or New York City, both great locations for anyone attending in the New England and Tri-State area, as well as affording those in the Maryland and Washington areas the possibility of attendance. Of course, we hope some of those attending would consider flying or other means of transportation to attend, but we believe the Tri-State area is our best chance for exposure.

Thank you all for your patience these past couple of months. May this year be promising for all of us as we restore Christendom.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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