Thursday, July 03, 2008

Modern Industrialism

by Fr. Vincent McNabb

An occasion of sin was defined by the moralists
As a set of circumstances where the average man will sin,
But where the heroic man will not sin.
Occasions of sin must be judged not by what
a minority will do, but what an average person will do.
The thing we call Industrialism is an occasion of sin.
If the modern industrial arrangement of the world
Is such that to avoid sin needs heroic virtue,
Then the modern industrial arrangement of the world
Is an occasion of sin.
This arrangement has impoverished its followers.
When married folk have not the house room
necessary for the average family,
Then the average married folk
Will practise birth-prevention.
It is impossible for the modern industrial system
To give an economic wage
Which will pay an economic rent.’

Taken from The Eye-Witness

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