Friday, June 29, 2007

ChesterBelloc Updates

The ChesterBelloc Mandate is an online archive of distributist materials. This site was created for the novice or the researcher interested in the subject, whether sympathetic or not. It is for this reason comments are removed from this site so as to function as a virtual library.

The month of July will involve an updating of the site, so bare with us as these modifications take place. We will be proud to present excerpts of the new book by John C. Médaille, links to Project Gutenberg for Palm downloading (though we will suggest purchasing these books in support of local bookstores as well), new links and audio, as well as expanded subject matter.

In the meantime, we wish to note a new site in development, The New Distributist League, headed by writer Athanasius (Athanasius Contra Mundum) with contributions from Gen Ferrer (editor of this site) as well as the editor of Europe and the Faith.

As always, we recommend visiting our friends at The Distributist Review for current events from a Distributist perspective.

We welcome comments, questions, suggestions or article submissions by writing to:

Interview with Thomas Storck

On Cooperative Ownership

John Médaille Interview in Romania

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