Thursday, September 06, 2007

ChesterBelloc Updates II

As we approach the end of the first year since this site had been reformatted to it's current virtual library, we here at The ChesterBelloc Mandate wish to update our readers concerning what is yet to follow and what has been done.

When this archive began, it was never in our wildest thoughts that we would encounter this quantity of distributist materials. Luckily research as well as and literature published in the past few years have kept this archive fresh, engaging and a wonderful source of information on Distributism worldwide.

While none of the authors on this site have written for us, nor have any affiliation with one another, they have all been helpful and lent some level of contribution to it. Names such as:

John C. Médaille (author of The Vocation of Business)
Dale Ahlquist (President of The American Chesterton Society)
Roy F. Moore (The Distributist Review and former publisher of The Distributist)
Donald Goodman III (head of Goretti Publications)
Dr. Peter Chojnowski (author and head of The Pelican Project)
Dr. John Rao (author and head of The Roman Forum)
Athanasius (editor of Athanasius Contra Mundum)

These authors (and so many others!) have provided us with permissions to reprint their work, and in the case of Gilbert! magazine, we want to give special recognition for their providing us with past articles from their column The Distributist. In addition, we can't forget Sean P. Dailey, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine (please look for his mention of The ChesterBelloc Mandate in the next issue of Gilbert!).

During the month of July a few new features were added. We ncluded more videos and the addition of pdfs as well as flipbooks. We will strive to include, upon the arrival of the new year, additional articles from G.K.'s Weekly, excerpts translated from Gustave Corçao's Tres Hectareas y Una Vaca (Three Acres and a Cow)as well as a debate in which Fr.Vincent McNabb participated.

In Chesterton's famous dramatic fashion we wish to ask this: that our readers keep us and the Church in your prayers. That we would appreciate any and all feedback (just click on our email). Whether you think we could use technical updating, changes to make the library more user-friendly, or any suggestions at all, we would love to hear from you. Finally,that our readers spread the word. Tell your friends about this archive and include us on your sidebar if you run a website, as well as support The New Distributist League(Become a member!!).


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