Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Society for Distributism Update

Recently, we at The ChesterBelloc Mandate announced plans to begin an educational non-profit dedicated to Distributism with a sincere attempt to bring this topic to international attention. We asked interested parties to contact us and join our confidential email distribution list. The response from our readers has been overwhelming! People from across the United States and the entire globe have signed on board to support us in whichever way they could. They believe in the need to learn, educate, and actively support this endeavour.

Often responses were filled with words of encouragement, offers to assist, and questions about lending financial support. As with all efforts the process takes some time but there are three things one could do in the interim. First, please pray for all of us. Pray we succeed one person at a time. Second, continue to email us with any potential event locations and friendly contacts in a position to offer their collaboration and assistance. While a full-day annual conference will take place in a particular location, our plans are to provide lectures attentive to local communities across the country and overseas throughout the year. Finally, please spread the word about us and refer your friends, co-workers, family, neighbours, and community businesses to contact us for further information.

If you haven't signed up and would like more information on our first newsletter, or if you wish to refer someone, SIGN UP today! Email us with your city/state and let us know you would like to join our list. We do not require any personal information. Your location assists us in evaluating potential sites for future events.

Also, we would like to bring the following to the attention of our readers:

Ryan Grant has recently written an article for The Contrarian Review titled, "Embracing Distributism in the 21st Century."

John Sharpe (IHS Press) and Tim Ehlen (Building Catholic Communities) will speak at this summer's St. Benedict Center Conference. Both will be speaking in regards to Catholic Social Doctrine/Distributism and potential options for developing land associations as well as alternative housing.

We wish to once more thank all the emails that have been pouring in.

Servire Deo Regnare Est!

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