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April 4th 2009

The Society for Distributism

Novak-Clark-Storck Debate Confirmed!

It is with great pleasure to announce that Thomas Storck, author and distributist, will officially represent The Society for Distributism at an historic event. A debate hosted by Nassau Community College in Long Island, New York, is confirmed for April 4th of next year between the capitalist, socialist, and distributist positions. Organized by Dr. Joseph Varacalli (co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy), head of the Catholic Studies department at Nassau, who has labored intensively in order for this to happen. We thank him for the opportunity not only to participate but to debate none other than Michael Novak, who will represent the capitalist position. St. John’s University’s own Dr. Charles Clark will take the socialist position. Undoubtedly, this will be a major event for us. We will attempt to record this event (and web cast it if we are granted permission). Details to follow…

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