Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Syosset's Little Secret

[Chesterbelloc Note: Syosset, New York, is an affluent town within the Town of Oyster Bay (Nassau County, Long Island). The residents of Syosset Mobile Homes have had the doors shut to them both by the judicial system as well as the local government. They have been called everything in the book by their neighbours (including 'white trash'), although interestingly enough, they are middle class.

These determined homeowners are not giving up.

The Society for Distributism is working with them to look at alternatives for acquiring the land (Community Land Trust and Cooperative models). We are also looking for a social advocate and/or lawyer who would represent them pro-bono. Please pray for us in this endeavour and spread this article around.]

For the Long Island Press article click here

To sign the petition go to:
Syosset Mobile Home Community

Interview with Thomas Storck

On Cooperative Ownership

John Médaille Interview in Romania

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