Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Andrew McNabb's New Book

Andrew is the great-grand nephew of Fr. Vincent McNabb, O.P., one of the great men and priests of the twentieth century. Fr. Vincent was, among many other things, an ardent Distributist, a leader of the Catholic "Back to the Land" Movement, and lead speaker for the Catholic Evidence Guild at Hyde Park. A prolific writer, Fr. Vincent authored more than thirty books in his lifeteime, many of them prefaced by close friends G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc.

Andrew's new book, The Body of This "is a gathering of tough, close, and spiritual stories illuminating the complex architecture of people and their places. The characters in these touching, unusual stories, struggle with the rigidity of their physical forms, while often times seeking, knowingly or not, the freedom of bodily escape."

"Andrew McNabb's thought-jabbing vignettes can be as radically transforming as viniculture, turning the water of everyday experience into the wine of life."
-Joseph Pearce, author, The Quest for Shakespeare

In addition, Mr. McNabb would like to announce the launch of his newest venture, Leoness Books.

Attention Writers & Readers!

Leoness Books is a newly formed small press specializing in Literary Catholic Writing. Leoness has been created due to the dearth of publishing opportunities for Catholic writers whose work can be described as "Literary, yet artfully overt." Leoness is seeking book-length fiction (both novels and story collections) and narrative non-fiction submissions for their Leoness Book Award, and short stories for their Best Catholic Short Stories, 2010 edition.

Leoness Books is also seeking dedicated readers who are tired of the syrupy genre fiction that Christian publishers attempt to pass off as "real life," who are put off by the poorly written Apocalyptic novels that misrepresent Bible teaching, and disheartened by the plethora of literary options for nearly every subset of humanity, except for devout Catholics seeking quality literature inspired by faith. There are several ways to become involved and ensure Leoness Books’ success. Please visit for more information.

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